Keynote Speakers

Duc Truong  - University of Birmingham, UK

Duc Truong Pham
Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK
Speech Title: Product Disassembly by Cobots for Smart Remanufacturing: Results of the Autoreman Project
Abstract: Product disassembly is usually the first step in remanufacturing, a process where used products are returned to a good-as-new condition with a guarantee at least equal to that for the original product. How disassembly is undertaken can affect the efficiency and capability of remanufacturing. As it is complex, disassembly tends to be manually performed and is labour intensive. Efforts have been spent on introducing collaborative robots or cobots in disassembly to make remanufacturing ‘smarter’. Like other applications of Industry 4.0 automation technologies, this should lead to increased productivity, reduced failure rate, more resource-efficient operations and improved product quality and working environment. This presentation will cover research carried out as part of the Autonomous Remanufacturing (AutoReman) project funded by the UK Engineering and PhysicalSciences Research Council at the University of Birmingham. The aim of the work, which investigates disassembly science and devises intelligent disassembly strategies and plans and develops human-robot collaborative disassembly techniques, is to allow disassembly to be reliably performed either with minimal human intervention or in a collaborative fashion by man and machine.

Chun-Yi Su  Concordia University, Canada

Chun-Yi Su
Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering Concordia University, Canada
Speech Title: Modeling and Control of Soft Robots
Abstract: The biggest feature of soft robots is that it is made of flexible materials. It can arbitrarily change its shape within a maximum range, to reach many places beyond the conventional robots to achieve, for example, detection. They have extensive potentials in the field of pipeline inspection, medical diagnosis, etc. This talk is intended to discuss challenge we are currently facing for modeling and control of soft robots.

Yilun Shang - Northumbria University, UK

Yilun Shang
Associate Professor
Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Northumbria University, UK
Speech Title: Fault tolerant cluster consensus in heterogeneous networks with hybrid dynamics
Abstract: In this talk, we discuss fault tolerant distributed coordination control over networks with hybrid dynamics and malicious agents. In a hybrid multi‐agent system, continuous‐time and discrete‐time agents concurrently exist and communicate through local interaction. We discuss the notion of heterogeneous robustness which captures the topological structure and facilitates convergence analysis of hybrid agents over multiple subnetworks. The exact number and identities of malicious agents are not known. A hybrid resilient strategy is designed to ensure cluster consensus of the heterogeneous network admitting completely distributed implementation. We develop a scaled consensus protocol which allows different clusters within each subnetwork, providing further flexibility over the fault tolerant control tasks. We illustrate the hybrid dynamics on a Twitter information network.

Yang Liu - Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Yang Liu
Associate Professor
State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Speech Title: Software defined intelligent satellite-terrestrial networks
Abstract: In order to realize the vision of 6G to face all scenarios and support all services, terrestrial mobile communication networks need to deeply integrate satellite communication networks for satellite-terrestrial integrated networking to expand communication coverage and improve service delivery capabilities. However, the collaborative management and scheduling of network resources face many challenges due to the characteristics of satellite-terrestrial integrated networks such as the heterogeneous and high dynamic network topology, and the heterogeneity of network devices and protocols. In this talk, a software-defined intelligent system architecture of integrated satellite-terrestrial wireless networks is proposed. The corresponding key techniques are outlined, and the future development is discussed.

Xudong Jia - California State University, USA

Xudong Jia
California State University, USA

Hongyang Chen - IWACCE2021

Hongyang Chen
Senior Research Expert, Zhejiang Lab, China
Adjunct Professor, Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study, The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
Speech Title: 5G and AI driven Intelligent Information and Communications System
Abstract: Developments in 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT technologies are leading towards what is being hyped as the era of intelligent connectivity. While this fusion of technologies has the potential to change the way we live and work, there are still uncertainties and challenges that need to be addressed before the benefits can be realized. In this talk, 5G and AI related technology will be given. Some of the real system level applications will be introduced as well.

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