Keynote Speakers

Dr. Hesheng Wang Prof. Hesheng Wang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research interests: visual servoing, service robot, robot control and computer vision

Speech Title: Coming soon…

Prof. Ning Sun Prof. Ning Sun
Nankai University

Research interests: Control for land-fixed/offshore cranes, underactuated robots, and other mechatronic systems

Speech Title: Coming soon…

Prof. Fugui Xie Prof. Fugui Xie
Tsinghua University

Research interests: Theory and design on the issues of mechanisms, Parallel kinematics machines, Parallel robots, Advanced manufacturing equipments

Speech Title: Coming soon…

Prof. Duc Truong Pham Prof. Duc Truong Pham
University of Birmingham, UK

Research interests: Rapid manufacturing, micro manufacturing, automation, robotics, IT and intelligent systems.

Speech Title: Coming soon…

Prof. Hongzhi Wang Prof. Hongzhi Wang
Harbin Institute of Technology

Research interests: Database Management System; Big Data Quality; Big Data Analysis and Mining; AI for DB; DB for AI; Industrial Big Data; Blockchain and Financial Big Data

Speech Title: Coming soon…

Invited Speaker

Dr. Yuchen Jiang, Assistant Professor with Harbin Institute of Technology
Speech title: Data-Driven Framework for Improved Cyber-Physical System Safety and Security

Dr. Xiaoqiang Hua, lecturer with the National University of Defense Technology