IWACCE2022 solicits original high-quality contributions in all areas of Automation, Control and Communication Engineering. The topics of submitted manuscripts to this workshop are included but not limited to:

Automation and Control
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Intelligent Information Processing
High-Performance Computing in Control
Technologies for Control and Human-Machine Systems
Computers and Artificial Intelligence in Control
Detection Technology and Automation Equipments
Control over and of Communications Networks and Data Storage
Power and Energy Systems
Big Data Aspects of Modeling, Diagnostics, Prognostics, System Identification and the Industrial Internet
Modeling and Feedback Control in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Manufacturing
Transportation and Vehicle Systems in Air, at Sea or on Land
Biological Systems Modeling Control in Agriculture, Medicine and the Environment
Building Automation and Control for Smart Cities
Aspects of Control Theory Enabling New Applications
Communication Engineering
Signal Processing
Random Signal Analysis
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Information Network and Signal Coding
Principles of Communications
Electromagnetic Field and Wave Propagation
Wireless Communication System
Optical Communication Technology
Satellite Communications
Modern Communication System and Technology
Information Security and Confidentiality
Cloud Computing