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August 19-21, 2024 / Hohhot, China
IWACCE2024 Special Sessions


Automation, aerospace and communications engineering

WACCE-AACE'24 focuses on the cutting-edge fields of UAVs, UAV intelligent control, cooperative combat simulation, satellite communications and navigation, and radio communications, which are pivotal in today's society and technological development.
As an outstanding representative of modern science and technology, UAVs have shown great potential for application in many fields. Its efficient and flexible characteristics make UAVs play an increasingly important role in military reconnaissance, civil aerial photography, environmental monitoring and agricultural plant protection. The in-depth research on UAV intelligent control and cooperative operation simulation technology has provided strong technical support for UAV autonomous flight, precise navigation, and multi-copter cooperative operation. This session will focus on in-depth discussions on these topics, aiming to promote the innovation and development of UAV technology and enhance its application effectiveness in various fields.
Meanwhile, satellite communication and navigation technology is also the focus of this session. As a key means to realize global information interconnection, satellite communication is of great significance in promoting the construction of an information society. And the accuracy and reliability of satellite navigation technology provides indispensable navigation and positioning services for many fields. This session will focus on the latest research progress in satellite communication and navigation technologies and explore their potential applications in improving communication efficiency and optimizing navigation accuracy. In addition, as the cornerstone of modern communication technology, the development and progress of radio communication is crucial to promoting the informatization process of the whole society. This session will focus on the latest achievements and application progress of radio communication technology, and explore its innovative practices in improving communication rate and guaranteeing communication security.

IWACCE-AACE’24 Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • UAV
  • UAV Intelligent Control, Cooperative Operations Simulation
  • Satellite communication and navigation
  • Radio Communications
  • Other related topics

IWACCE-AACE’24 Session Convener

Session Convener:

Huibing Yang
Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College, China